Student Awards

Deadline: January 15

FLENJ offers awards of up to $1,000 to students who demonstrate world language accomplishments through literacy (essay writing), service, advocacy, or any combination of those three categories. Applications should demonstrate how receipt of the funding will have an innovative and /or transformative impact on the student.

Up to three recipients are awarded annually. To be considered applicants must:

Be seniors planning to attend college in the Fall of the next calendar year.

Be students in the world language in which they choose to compete.

Additionally, nominating teachers must be current members of FLENJ.

High school seniors must complete the application form.

After the application deadline, all applicants who are eligible will be sent an email with information about next steps in the competition.  In the first round of the competition, participating seniors are given prompts that require an interpretation of an illustration or a response to a prompt in the target language.

Based on performance on the first round of submissions, and only if needed, semi-finalists will be chosen to participate in the oral interview portion of the competition. These students will undergo an oral telephone/zoom interview in the target language. Again, this second round is if the entries warrant a round two.

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