FLENJ Mentoring Fellowship for Supervisors

The FLENJ Supervisor Mentorship Program is designed to support individuals who are new supervisors or administrators overseeing the area of world languages. The goal is to help develop leadership capacity in world language supervision and, ultimately, to develop the next generation of world language educators.

Once accepted into the program, mentors and mentee pairs will be assigned based on a variety of criteria, including geographical distance, background of teaching and leadership.

If you are prepared to make a commitment to mentoring a new leader in language education or to partnering with an experienced leader who can support your professional growth as a supervisor/administrator overseeing world languages, please read on and consider applying to the FLENJ Supervisor Mentor Program.

Testimonials from Supervisor Participants

I’d like to express my gratitude to FLENJ for introducing me to this leadership mentoring program during my first year as a supervisor. The first year in any situation can be very challenging as we learn the ropes and confront issues we may have never faced before. Having a wonderful group of supportive leaders throughout this journey has been an essential component in my first year of administration.

I have been a proud member of FLENJ for over 15 years.  I have presented at FLENJ workshops and had many students win various FLENJ awards throughout the years.  I joined the FLENJ mentor program last year in my 4th year as a Supervisor because I am a lifelong learner and I believe in the power of collaboration.  It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend.  I am grateful to FLENJ for the opportunity this organization provides to all of us in our field to collaborate, learn and grow together as we advocate for World Languages. 

I had the honor and privilege to participate in FLENJ’s pilot of the supervisor mentor program during the 2019-2020 school year. Similar to the professional development opportunities offered by FLENJ for world language educators, the supervisor mentorship program provides high quality support for administrators in this particular content area. As a newer administrator, having the opportunity to regularly connect with both novice and experienced supervisors in the field served as a wonderful source of ongoing support and encouragement. The lessons learned and networks formed through this professional experience will continue to have a positive impact on my career well beyond the duration of the pilot program. Thank you FLENJ!


Informed, educated, and prepared world language supervisors


The mission of the FLENJ Supervisor Mentor Fellowship Program is to grow school administrators to supervise, evaluate, and cultivate the next generation of world language educators.

Program Requirements

  • Membership in FLENJ through duration of participation in the program
  • Agreement  to meet virtually and/or in person with assigned mentee


  • Mentors should have at least 5 years of supervisory/administrative experience (preferred)
  • Mentors should have a background in world language education (preferred)


  • Mentees must be responsible for overseeing/evaluating world language teachers and programs.
  • Mentees should have no more than 3 years of supervisory/administrative experience in supervising world languages (i.e., applicants should be new to supervising world languages but may have experience supervising other areas).

FLENJ may discontinue the participation of any mentor/mentee who fails to meet the program requirements.

Benefits of Participation

  • Complimentary registration at the FLENJ Annual Conference.
  • Complimentary registration at one (1) workshop, chosen between mentor-mentee
  • Participation in a book club on leadership
  • Virtual meetings with a cohort of new and experienced supervisors and other administrators responsible for overseeing world languages
  • Certification of participation in the mentoring program, if desired
  • Collaboration with a community of educators committed to enhancing world language instruction
  • Opportunities to work closely with world languages leaders around the state


  • Mentors and mentees will be expected to participate in up to 4 virtual meetings per year organized by FLENJ
  • A meeting of mentors and mentees may also take place at annual events including the summer refresher and annual conference.
  • Mentors are requested to stay in regular touch and document their form and frequency of communication.
  • Participants are asked to attend the FLENJ Annual Conference.  Registration is complimentary for all participants who meet above expectations.

History & Acknowledgment

The idea for a mentoring fellowship program for supervisors was originally conceived as a result of FLENJ’s participation in “Cohort 3” (2019-20) of  ACTFL’s emerging leaders program, also known as LILL (Leadership Initiative for Language Learning).

LILL is  based on the premise that every educator is a leader and strives to be highly effective.  LILL aims to bring the best and brightest language educators, teacher leaders, and national experts together with emerging leaders selected by state and regional organizations such as FLENJ.  

The emerging leaders have the opportunity to discover their  sphere of influence for effecting change, engage with peers, and create their own proactive plan in support of the organization  naming them  to participate.