Membership Benefits

What is FLENJ and what can it do for you?
FLENJ is a non-profit organization that promotes excellence in world language education, by advancing both policy and practice.

FLENJ advances sound public policy on world language education in New Jersey and nationally. FLENJ makes sure that policymakers know how important the study of languages is—for ALL children, beginning in kindergarten. FLENJ helps you, as a professional, stay informed about national trends in world language education.

FLENJ advances world language teaching practice by offering you so many opportunities to network at conferences and workshops. FLENJ offers you professional development that will help you in the classroom.

What are the benefits of joining FLENJ?
  • Opportunity to apply for a FLENJ teacher mini-grant of up to $2,000
  • Collaboration and networking with other like-minded professionals
  • Reduced rates for professional development workshops and registration for the FLENJ spring conference
  • Eligibility for raffles and the potential to win funding to attend the NECTFL or ACTFL conference
  • Opportunity for your students to win a FLENJ scholarship
  • Opportunity to become part of the FLENJ Mentoring Program as a mentor or mentee
  • Access to members-only resources and tips on our website
  • Communication by FLENJ on your behalf to your State and Federal legislators
  • Advocacy tips and resources

FLENJ Membership Benefits