What is the FLENJ Board of Directors?
The Board of Directors is the policy-making body of FLENJ and consists of the Executive Committee and 10 Directors.

  • Every attempt will be made to balance the composition of the Board regarding geographic location, level of instruction, professional responsibilities and language diversity.
  • FLENJ respects the need to ensure ethnic, racial, and gender diversity on its Board.
  • The Nominations Committee shall use its best efforts to provide a balance of representation on the Board of Directors from institutions of elementary, secondary and higher education.
Requirements to be Nominated
  • Nominees for Directors shall have demonstrated active leadership in the field of world language education and/or active participation in FLENJ events and activities.
  • Nominees shall be members in good standing.
  • Nominees should be willing to make a 3-year commitment to serve on the board.  The tenure of the Directors shall be for 3 years, with the option for re-election to 1 additional term.
  • Nominees should be willing to serve as volunteers (without compensation).
  • Directors are required to attend and assist at the annual conference (at least one day) and attend meetings that shall occur no fewer than 3 times annually and when requested by the executive committee.
  • Board Members will serve on at least two committees each year.
  • Any elected member of the FLENJ Board of Directors who fails to maintain membership in FLENJ or does not attend three Board meetings within a year and the Annual Conference (at least one day) for reasons judged insufficient by a 2/3 majority of the Board of Directors shall be removed from the Board of Directors.