What is FLENJ?
FLENJ is a non-profit, foreign language organization that represents all world language educators at all levels in New Jersey.


We are proudly:

  • The official New Jersey constituent of American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL);
  • A charter constituent of the National Federation of Modern Language Teachers Association (NFMLTA), publishers of the Modern Language Journal;
  • An affiliate of the New Jersey Education Association.

How FLENJ Serves You

FLENJ advances and promotes the teaching of world languages in the state of New Jersey. To accomplish this, we work to bring about improvements in areas of concern for world language educators, such as: teacher training, articulation at all levels, and curriculum development.

Each year our agenda includes:

  • One statewide spring conference offering a complete program for world language educators. We invite speakers of national and international reputation to address our membership;
  • Workshops for professional development throughout the academic year;
  • Numerous advocacy activities;
  • Monthly emails to the membership from the FLENJ president;
  • FLENJ Facebook and Twitter.

FLENJ awards:

  • Competitive scholarships to high school seniors for continued language study;
  • Certificates to one senior in each language in recognition of outstanding achievement in world languages;
  • Mini-grants to members for professional growth and development; and
  • Teacher awards for those who have made significant contributions to world language teaching in New Jersey.

College students, please note:
We encourage college students with an interest in world languages to join and participate in the organization at a reduced rate.

Financial Information

FLENJ invites the membership to review our yearly financial information. Contact our Treasurer to have a copy of our tax return sent to you.