Mead Leadership

What is it?
The Mead Leadership Fellows Program supports individuals from one of the states affiliated with NECTFL in the development of a project that contributes to the foreign language teaching profession and advances quality language instruction. The program was created to develop future leaders for the profession at the state, regional, and national levels.

Who may apply?
Foreign language educators who have demonstrated leadership potential in their institutions and/or professional organizations at the local, state, or regional or national level may apply. They must teach in one of the thirteen NECTFL states or the District of Columbia (CT, DC, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA, VT, WV).

Application Procedure

  1. Application forms will be available on the NECTFL website, on member state organization websites, and in member state organization newsletters.
  2. Applicants may be nominated by their schools, colleges, or universities; or by local, state, regional or national foreign language organizations.
  3. Completed applications will be sent to the nominee’s state association. Each state association will pick one application per year to submit to NECTFL.
  4. The NECTFL Mead Committee will select a maximum of four Fellows per year from among the dossiers submitted by the state associations.

What should the application include?

  • A completed application checklist, available on NECTFL’s website.
  • A letter of nomination from the nominating body (schools, professional org., etc.)
  • A letter of support from the state organization
  • A current resume or c.v. of no more than two pages
  • A signed Commitment Form expressing the nominee’s willingness to complete his/her proposed project and present findings at his/her state conference the calendar year following acceptance of their project (nominees may also be asked to present at a NECTFL professional development event such as a webinar, workshop, or conference).
  • A written narrative by the nominee describing his/her project, containing the following:
    • Project Rationale: How will this project contribute to the field and advance quality language instruction? Why should NECTFL support this project?
    • Project Description: What is your project? What goals and objectives do you hope to accomplish? How will you use technology to disseminate your project?
    • Action Plan: What steps will you take to implement the project? What is your timeline? Please keep in mind that you need to present at the following year’s state conferences.
    • Leadership Statement: How will your project provide leadership at the local, state, regional, and/or national level?

Mead Leadership Fellows will be paired with a mentor whose expertise in is the area of the project. Follow-up mentoring by NECTFL Board Members and/or the mentor will be provided. The project will be publicized on our website, on Facebook page, and in an upcoming issue of the NECTFL Review.

Criteria for Selection
The rubric that will be used to evaluate each application is available on NECTFL’s website. It is suggested that applicants review this rubric before submitting their application.


  • Please send your entire application to and by November 1. Applications will be reviewed and the strongest entry will be forwarded to NECTFL.
  • The NECTFL Professional Development Committee will convey its decisions to the state associations and the nominee prior to its annual conference in February.

Congrats to NJ’s Julia Koch, Mead Fellow 2022

Recent Mead Fellow Award Winners
nathan_lutz dcrousse  cgwin You could be next

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Nathan Lutz was named the 2014 NECTL (Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Mead Scholar. He will be creating a language and culture WIKI project. Douglass Crouse was named the 2013 NECTFL (Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Mead Scholar Chris Gwin was named a 2012 NECTFL (Northeast Conference on the Teaching of Foreign Languages) Mead Scholar