Teach Like Me

New Jersey needs WL teachers, so let’s start to grow our own!

The FLENJ Teach Like Me project is an initiative to increase student interest in majoring in a world language in college and becoming a WL teacher.  Join FLENJ and implement the project below in your classes this May.  Help your students see the relevance of language learning by focusing on what they will be able to do with the language when they achieve the Seal of Biliteracy by HS graduation.

Lesson Objective:  I can describe, in the target language, how & why language learning and attaining the Seal of Biliteracy will benefit me in my future.

Sample Can Do Statements:

  • I can tell what jobs in NJ need multi/bilingual employees
  • I can tell in which NJ Universities I can continue my language study
  • I can teach like my teacher for a day/class period
  • I can talk about the benefits of teaching a WL

Student Assessments to send to FLENJ:

  • Interpersonal conversations in the target language- What kinds of things will I be able to do in the language at the Intermediate-Mid level? I will be able to…
  • Presentational speaking in the target language – Attaining the Seal of Biliteracy will be important for me in my future because ….

Film your students and share their interpersonal conversations and/or presentational speaking tasks in a TL video with FLENJ in this folder by JUNE 1, 2019.   Be sure to upload their Photo Waiver permission.  FLENJ will feature some student work on our webpage.   Access the rubrics below to score your students’ speaking samples in the TL.

Novice Interpersonal Rubric    

Novice Presentational Rubric

Intermediate Interpersonal Rubric

Intermediate Presentational Rubric