Senior Awards

Each New Jersey high school is entitled to select one graduating senior per language taught. The teacher submitting the student name must be a current member of FLENJ. One student award per FLENJ member.  Please allow 3 weeks from the date of submission for your request to be honored.

Deadline: At least three weeks before the date of the awards ceremony in your school.

Honor Your Seniors at Graduation in 3 Easy Steps!

  1. Senior AwardsStep One: Make sure that the nominating teacher is a current member of FLENJ.

  2. Step Two: For each world language that your department offers, select one senior who has distinguished him/herself in the study of that language.

  3. Step Three: Complete the online nomination form here and submit it at least three weeks before your awards ceremony.


  • Each nominating teacher must be a current member of FLENJ. If you are not certain of your membership status, inquire at

  • Schools may nominate only one student for each language offered.

  • Each student must be sponsored by a different teacher unless the nominating teacher instructs in more than one language.

  • Only teachers who teach two languages may nominate one student per language taught.

  • All nomination forms from your school must be mailed together in one envelope.

    to access the nomination form.

  • Questions about Senior Awards? Email