Summer Refresher 2021

Thank you to everyone who joined us at the Summer Refresher 2021 to recharge, refresh, and reimagine! We wish you a wonderful school year, and we hope that you will join us for our wonderful workshops offered throughout the year.

Registration is now closed

Thank you for joining us for our virtual conference on

August 11th & 12th.

Summer Refresher ’21 was available LIVE via session links sent to registered participants AND/OR via RECORDED session links that participants can view at their own pace.

We hope to see you next year!

Session Topics Include:

  • Maximizing Language Development: Principles and Practices
  • SEL in the World Language Classroom
  • Movement Activities that Support Language & Early Literacy Skills
  • Welcoming Gender Diversity in your FL Classroom
  • Unpacking the Revised NJ SLS World Language Standards
  • Mindfulness in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Using Songs as Authentic Texts
  • Deeper and More Meaningful Questions in the World Language Classroom
  • Take the 3Rs for Yourself! Recharge, Reimagine & Refresh!
  • Breaking it Down: Strategies to Digest Informational Text
  • Build Your Students Up Through That Dialogue!
  • Say What!?! Using Authentic Resources, Circumlocution & Negotiation of Meaning in Vocabulary Introduction
  • Teaching Language & Culture to Promote Social Justice
  • Reimagining Language Tasks
  • Connecting with Classrooms Around the World
  • Being Curious: Shifting to Comprehension & Communication
  • A World of Authentic Resources at Your Fingertips: Now What?
  • Multiple Modes in Fewer Assignments: The Power of GoFormative
  • HFV² – High-Frequency Verbs – Hybrid, F2F, Virtual
  • Empowering World Language Classroom Instruction with Social Justice
  • Create Active Learning Experiences with Google Jamboard!
  • From Zero to Literacy
  • K-12 World Language Supervisors: Roundtable Discussion
  • Dual Language Immersion Programs: Roundtable Discussion
  • Heritage Spanish Programs: Roundtable Discussion
  • Seal of Biliteracy: Roundtable Discussion

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