Summer Refresher 2021

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Join us for our virtual conference on

August 11th & 12th.

Summer Refresher ’21 can be attended LIVE via session links sent to registered participants AND/OR via RECORDED session links that participants can view at their own pace.

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Session Topics Include:

  • Maximizing Language Development: Principles and Practices
  • SEL in the World Language Classroom
  • Movement Activities that Support Language & Early Literacy Skills
  • Welcoming Gender Diversity in your FL Classroom
  • Unpacking the Revised NJ SLS World Language Standards
  • Mindfulness in the Foreign Language Classroom
  • Using Songs as Authentic Texts
  • Deeper and More Meaningful Questions in the World Language Classroom
  • Take the 3Rs for Yourself! Recharge, Reimagine & Refresh!
  • Breaking it Down: Strategies to Digest Informational Text
  • Build Your Students Up Through That Dialogue!
  • Say What!?! Using Authentic Resources, Circumlocution & Negotiation of Meaning in Vocabulary Introduction
  • Teaching Language & Culture to Promote Social Justice
  • Reimagining Language Tasks
  • Connecting with Classrooms Around the World
  • Being Curious: Shifting to Comprehension & Communication
  • A World of Authentic Resources at Your Fingertips: Now What?
  • Multiple Modes in Fewer Assignments: The Power of GoFormative
  • HFV² – High-Frequency Verbs – Hybrid, F2F, Virtual
  • Empowering World Language Classroom Instruction with Social Justice
  • Create Active Learning Experiences with Google Jamboard!
  • From Zero to Literacy
  • K-12 World Language Supervisors: Roundtable Discussion
  • Dual Language Immersion Programs: Roundtable Discussion
  • Heritage Spanish Programs: Roundtable Discussion
  • Seal of Biliteracy: Roundtable Discussion