President’s Award Archive

The President’s Award is given at the sole discretion of the FLENJ president, who determines the criteria and the rationale. The award is presented annually at the FLENJ Spring Conference.
Year Recipient FLENJ President
2019 David Greer Frank Ruggiero
2015 Richard and Rosemary Cayea Christopher Gwin
2014 Kenneth Hughes Jean Modig
2013 Helena Curtain Jean Modig
2012 Martin Smith Donna Farina
2011 Mary Curran Donna Farina
2010 Myriam Met Rosanne Zeppieri
2008 Rush Holt Cheri Quinan
2007 Marty Abbott Cheri Quinlan
2006 Upendra Chivukula Grisel Lopez-Diaz
2005 Debra Eckert-Casha Grisel Lopez-Diaz
2004 Diana Chase Martin Smith
2003 Erwin Petri Martin Smith
2002 Al and Elaine Lubiner Cheri Quinlan
2001 Bergen Community College Cheri Quinlan
2000 Juanita and Lolita Carfora Al Lubiner