What is the Leadership Initiative for Language Learning (LILL)?

ACTFL’s Leadership Initiative for Language Learning was established in 2015 to “empower individuals to become agents for change, in order to foster a growth mindset focused on effective teaching and learning, and purposeful nurturing of leadership skills, all in the service of learners.” It has evolved into a two-year initial commitment (with participation in two LILL Summer Institutes plus collegial support and sessions during the intervening academic year) that continues beyond graduation through a lifelong leadership trajectory.

Cohort #2 Michele Schreiner, Ed.D.

Project: Teach Like Me

Cohort #3 Frank Ruggiero, Ed.D

Project: Supervisor Mentorship Fellowship Program for New WL Supervisors

Cohort #4 Derek Sica

Project: Grade 8 Pathway to Biliteracy Assessment

Cohort #5 Ashley Warren, Ed.D

Project: A Department Model for Proficiency-Based Performance Rubrics