Adocacy Resources for Parents

Parents must be the strongest voice outside of the academic system because legislators and school boards recognize their responsibility to provide the education that parents want for their children. Foreign Language Advocacy resources for parents in new jerseyTraditionally, many parents considered a language curriculum to be a necessary part of the resume of a college-bound student. Today, however, parents understand that these programs raise students’ overall academic performance, give them a better appreciation for different cultures and prepare young people for the kinds of careers that the global economy will offer in the future.

Encouraging students of all ages to explore the vast options offered by language programs in their schools begins at home. Discuss these opportunities with your children. Make sure that they are aware of the immediate and long-term benefits that language study offers, in improved academic performance, in planning for their future lives, in achieving true proficiency in a second language and in making their lives away from school more exciting through knowing other cultures.

One of the strongest platforms available to parents is their local PTA organization. With its local, statewide and national infrastructure, the PTA enjoys the kind of recognition and prestige necessary to make the pro-language message heard by those whose support is needed. Attending meetings where school programs are discussed is important, but making a brief presentation about your school’s language curriculum is even better.

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