Advocacy Resources for Business Stakeholders

Businesses of every size and nature must speak up for the programs that will provide the workforce they will need in the future and that will enable American companies to maintain a position of strength foreign language advocacy for businesses in new jerseyin the global economy. No matter how large or small your business may be or whether you are in the service, retail or manufacturing industry, your operation is international in one way or another.

On the local level, every business in every sector will face a greater need for workers who possess the language and cultural skills to interact with customers, other employees, suppliers and local government officials to ensure that business grows. If you serve a broader market, it is no longer wise to assume that your consumers or competitors rely on English as the language of business. If you want to appear concerned about your customers … and on the leading edge with your competition … you need to communicate with them on their terms in order to assure that your messages are understood.