2019 FLENJ Leadership Dinner 


“The Power of One: Global Education Starts with YOU!”

Amanda Seewald

Amanda Seewald, M.Ed., instructional coach and expert in multilingual curriculum and instruction, is the Author and Director of MARACAS Language Programs / Learning Kaleidoscope Educational Consulting.

During her 20 years in education, Amanda has taught all age groups, developed and published curriculum materials and music, and worked as a teacher coach and consultant to provide professional development to educators across the United States. She is a regular presenter at national, regional, and state conferences.

Amanda is the former President of the Foreign Language Educators of New Jersey and serves on the executive board of the Joint National Committee for Language. Amanda spends much time advocating for language programs and policy with legislators.

“The Power of One: Global Education Starts with YOU!”

In the Leadership Dinner keynote address, Amanda Seewald will inspire us all to take up the mantle of global citizenship liaison for our schools. Affirming that we world language teachers are our students’ primary conduit to language and culture around the world, Ms. Seewald will challenge us to adopt the notion of a 21st-century global mindset that requires us to address issues such as poverty, inequality, and sustainability. Yes, we can all enlighten students and make them acutely aware of their potential impact, but can we also inspire them to be agents of change both within the world language classroom and by weaving real-world issues across all areas of study?