Summer Refresher 2018

FLENJ Summer Refresher 2018

FLENJ Summer Refresher 2018: “Catch the Wave of Proficiency”

Thursday, August 9, 2018 – Monmouth University  (Wilson Hall)


• Do you find it difficult to get released from school to attend professional development conferences or workshops?
• Is your district cutting back on funding workshop attendance?
• Are you the only person in your district that teaches a world language?
• Has it been a while since you attended a workshop or conference that deals with your subject matter?

If you answered YES, then the FLENJ Summer Refresher may be exactly what you need! Read on below!

Session Topics include:

  1. Building Proficiency in the WL Classroom
  2. Bilingual Literacy & Bilingual Books
  3. Articulation Roundtable with NJ Coordinator of World Languages
  4. Top Tech Tools for the World Language Classroom
  5. Common Assessment Practices
  6. Goal-Setting and Growth-Tracking in the WL Classroom
  7. Incorporating Films in the WL Curriculum
  8. Heritage Language Programs
  9. American Sign Language Strategies
  10. Easing into the First Week of School
  11. Proficiency Levels in the WL Classroom
  12. Mindfulness and Chair Yoga in the WL Classroom

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Monmouth University
Wilson Hall

This year’s summer refresher, held at historic Woodrow Wilson Hall on the campus of Monmouth University, is sure to impress.  Click here for more information on this national historic landmark.



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  • Continental breakfast
  • Lunch
  • Certificate for 5 PD hours
  • Raffle prize opportunities

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