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FLENJ is very excited to announce a continuation of Professional Development webinars for the 2013-2014 school year. FLENJ looks forward to providing top quality
webinars to meet the professional development needs of World Language educators in New Jersey and beyond.


Paul Sandrock

Building Our Common Core: Creating World-Ready Students

October 24, 2013
4:30pm – 5:30pm (The start time of this webinar has been modified)

World languages are an excellent means to help students achieve the literacy skills of the Common Core State Standards – when we teach and assess world languages as envisioned by our common standards for language learning (focusing on the three modes of communication in meaningful and engaging contexts). The 21st Century Skills Map for World Languages also helps us design instruction to provide our students with critical skills while developing their ability to communicate in another language. Languages add value to help students be college-, career-, and world-ready.

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Lisa Lilley

We’re All In This Together!

November 14, 2013
4pm – 5pm

Language teaching is highly specialized work. So much of what language teachers do is unique to their individual classrooms. But we can’t thrive by living in a bubble. Learning from teachers of other subjects helps build support for our programs. This webinar will look at best practices from other subject areas that translate well to the world language classroom. It will address how language teaching supports the Common Core; it will showcase new uses of technology and approaches to the flipped classroom; it includes classroom management strategies. The engaging activities borrowed from other subjects work well for us, too.

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Terry Caccavale

Literacy, the Key to Second Language Development

December 12, 2013
4pm – 5pm 

Literacy skills are in many ways the key to second language learning, as students who possess reading and writing skills in L2 can assuredly go on to become more fluent than those whose skills are solely oral-aural in nature. To be effective, literacy skill development in L2 must be built upon best practices in literacy instruction. This workshop will inform attendees about best practices in reading and writing instruction in the second language classroom, including best practices in vocabulary skill development, the foundation of all literacy success. Come and join us for an interactive session on the development of literacy skills in the target language!

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Joshua Cabral

Connect with the Target Language and Communicate with Confidence

January 23, 2014
4pm – 5pm 

Language learners understand, retain, and produce language best when they engage meaningfully with the language. Are you looking for fresh ideas to help students connect with the target language and build proficiency? In this Webinar you will learn innovative and concrete examples of communicative activities that build confidence and proficiency. You will learn about new teaching possibilities as well as discover ways to extend the activities that you already use in the classroom. These techniques are applicable to all languages and will include ways of modifying to fit different levels.

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FLENJ is very excited to be able to offer our archived Professional Development webinars on demand, to both members and non-members, to meet the professional development needs of world language educators in New Jersey and beyond.

For details on the archived webinars that were offered in the past, please see below.


Janet Glass

The Thrill of Talk: Comprehensible Input, Output and Assessment
October 16, 2012
4pm – 5pm

Join Janet Glass, former ACTFL Teacher of the Year, for an examination of how to build students’ language proficiency in the Interpersonal Mode. After reviewing David Sousa’s brain processing model from the book, How the Brain Learns, implications for lesson planning will be considered. This will be followed by strategies that promote comprehensible input and output, while keeping instruction at 90% in the target language. The webinar will conclude with a look at assessments in the interpersonal mode and a discussion of why they promote a sense of accomplishment in students.

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Dr. Lori Langer de Ramirez

Empowering Language Learners with Tools from the Web
December 11, 2012 (new date!)
4pm – 5pm

Explore web-based tools such as blogs, wikis, podcasts, social networking, and bookmarking sites with Lori Langer de Ramirez. This webinar will provide an overview of different web-based tools, as well as a rationale for their use in teaching languages. Participants will become acquainted with these valuable resources and leave with concrete lesson ideas that incorporate them.

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Christopher Gwin

Rescaffolding to Reach the New AP
November 27, 2012
4pm – 5pm

Considering the new format for Advanced Placement tests, what do we do now in levels 1-4? Christopher Gwin will lead participants in examining a respiraled curriculum. He will lead a discussion of which structures need to be in place for students to find success.

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